Northern Neck Electric Cooperative is committed to energy conservation. Providing information to help members track their energy usage and conserve electricity is an important service for NNEC. Why? There is a steadily increasing demand for electricity across the country. Fuels used to generate electricity have skyrocketed in price. When members conserve electricity, they are reducing their energy costs and NNEC's energy costs for generated power. It makes sense to members, considering that you own the cooperative that delivers your electric power. What is good for you is good for your Cooperative when it comes to learning additional ways to conserve electricity.

Click the Energy Use Analysis button to learn where your energy dollars are going. The Energy Resource Center includes television and appliance calculators plus tips on ways to save with lighting, space heaters, and phantom loads. For a detailed report of your energy use, including month-to-month comparisons, plus tips for no-cost and low-cost home improvements to help you stretch your energy dollars, click on Energy Advisor.