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WiFi Thermostat Program

NNEC is able to offer the convenience of the WiFi thermostats for free by reducing the electricity your air conditioner or air source heat pump uses during times of peak demand usage. You get the efficiency and convenience of the thermostat in exchange for increasing the temperature on your thermostat by 4 degrees (not to exceed 80 degrees F) during those peak demand times.Ecobee Smart WiFi Thermostat

The following items are required to participate in the program:

  • Central Air – The thermostat controls your central air-conditioning unit. It does not work with window air conditioners
  • Network – The thermostat must be connected to your Internet network. That gives you the ability to remotely adjust the temperature.
  • You must own your home to have the thermostat installed.
  • Compatible air conditioner unit – In some cases, air conditioners will only work with specific thermostats. We’ll be unable to install the new thermostat if that is the case.

*Residential members with multiple air-conditioners are eligible for multiple free thermostats.

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Q: What will I get with this program?
A: You will receive the following: An Ecobee  WiFi Thermostat ($169 value) The ability to remotely control temperature and set schedules from a smart phone and/or  website Premium features including hourly system run-time, alerts, and radius capability ($20 value that automatically puts the house in energy saving mode when no one is home and returns it to a comfortable temperature when people are on their way back)

Q: What are my obligations with this program?
A: To participate, you must allow NNEC to increase the temperature on your thermostat by 4 degrees (not to exceed 80 degrees F) during times
of peak usage demand between June and September. This adjustment will occur approximately 5 times per month, for up to 4 hours for each event.

Q: What are the requirements to participate?
A: You must have a WiFi network, a central Air-Conditioner and/or an air source heat pump, and own your home. Also, the WiFi thermostat must be installed in NNEC’s service territory.

Q: Will my house get uncomfortable?
A: NNEC will only increase the temperature up to 4 degrees.

Q: Why is NNEC offering this program?
A: Two primary reasons: 1) We believe many residential members will enjoy the convenience of the thermostats and find ways to save money. 2) By increasing the temperature up 4 degrees (not to exceed 80 degrees F) at times of peak demand, it helps NNEC reduce the cost of purchasing the power you use.

Q: When will NNEC increase the thermostat temperature?
A: By participating in the program, NNEC will remotely adjust your thermostat for a short period of time on a handful of days from June through September. Generally, the adjustments will take place around 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

Q: How will I know if my temperature has been adjusted?
A: NNEC will send out an email and text alert the day of and/or the day before. In addition, smart phone and thermostat website will inform you of the control event.

Q: Will NNEC install the thermostat for me?
A: NNEC will have the thermostat installed by a local HVAC contractor.

Q: If I want my house to be cooler during the control event, can I over-ride the thermostat control?
A: Yes. You can opt-out on your thermostat. Members that opt-out an excessive number of times will be removed from the program. NNEC will contact you prior to being removed.

Q: Will my thermostat help me be more efficient?
A: Yes – if you pay attention to it. By following recommended settings, you can make a noticeable impact on your energy bills.

Q: If I move, may I take the thermostat with me?
A: Yes. The thermostat is yours to keep after one year.

Q: How do I get support for the thermostat?
A: NNEC does not support the thermostat or the software associated with the thermostat. EnergyHub, the software developer, provides the support. Visit EnergyHub's website. 

Q: If I have more than one central air-conditioner and/or air source heat pump, can I get multiple free thermostats?
A: Yes.

Q: How do I sign up?
A: Please click here to sign up.

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